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What We Do


Vulnerabilities are open doors that hackers use to access your data. Data breaches, identity theft, and encrypted ransomware attacks by hackers, result in hundreds of thousands of dollars, data loss and harm to your reputation.

After our extensive vulnerability and network testing, we will provide a comprehensive, easy to read, list of key findings and our recommended remedial actions.

All findings are scored and color coded based on the level of RISK to your business so you can easily determine where your security strengths and weaknesses are.

Our reports will provide your 'IT' provider and compliance teams with a clear direction to proactively remediate these exposures, before hackers impact your business.

Additionally, we will provide an overall cybersecurity posture score. The posture score in an overall percentage from 1% to 100%, that will indicate your chances of being hacked.

Security Auditing
Regulatory Compliance
Risk Assessments
Technical Results
Security Posture Score
Color Coded Reports
Priority of Risks
Recommended Actions

How is Testing Done?


Vulnerability Testing

“What are the issues on my network?”

A Vulnerability Assessment will evaluate your office technology and network to detect and classify security holes in your infrastructure that an attacker may be able to take advantage of.

Network Analysis

"Every one of your devices is vulnerable and can be exploited by hackers."

A Network analysis is the process of inspecting what data is being passed through the network

Penetration Testing

“What can a motivated attacker do?”

A Penetration Test is an in-depth expert-driven activity focused on identifying various possible routes an attacker could use to break into the network. It identifies the potential damage and further internal compromise an attacker could carry out

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